Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2020-Jun-22 to 2020-Jun-28 -- Camping and Hiking at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in south Kananaskis
May 5 update:
Alberta Parks has cancelled our campsite reservations and refunded our fees because campsites in 2020 are only for Alberta residents.
March 29 update:
17 Grey Hares are involved in planning this activity.
On Tuesday March 22 we successfully reserved 7 adjacent campsites in the Boulton Creek campground in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for Mon Jun 22 to Sun Jun 28: sites D-104 to D-110. A map is at https://www.albertaparks.ca/media/6496096/boulton-creek-tear-sheet.pdf .
This is probably one too many campsites, but perhaps someone else will join the trip. Also, it’s easy to cancel one site later and eat the $12 reservation fee, but it’s difficult to add an adjacent campsite later if required


Monday June 22 to Sunday June 28 (6 nights)


Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in south Kananaskis Country. We are very familiar with this park.

Campsite reservations for Alberta provincial parks open 90 days in advance of arrival date, so (for example) a campsite starting on June 20 could be reserved on March 22.

Trip participants would either provide their own tent, share a tent with someone else, or borrow a tent from us; we have access to a handful of 2 and 3 person tents. Suppers will be not be large group cooperative as they have been during the past few years on 3-day/4-day Grey Hares camping trips, but the group will plan to cook and eat together in-and-around the Grey Hares' large Eureka Northern Breeze kitchen/screen tent.


There are dozens of world class hiking trails in south Kananaskis within an hour drive of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. A few are within the park, as are dozens of easier hiking and biking trails. We have extensive day hiking experience, including hiking 8 of the iconic trails in south Kananaskis in 2015 and 2016.

We have always hiked with a mid to large sized group for safety reasons. A hiking group must have a minimum of 4 people.

Our hiking philosophy is “slow and steady, safety is priority #1”. The days are long to thoroughly enjoy the entire hike, and we take lots of photos. We have a comprehensive list of items that we always carry in our packs to ensure we are prepared for any weather changes and all potential challenges. Waterproof hiking boots with very good traction and a good rain jacket are required, and hiking poles are highly recommended.

Photos of hiking in south Kananaskis


A campsite is $29 per night. Two tents and two cars are allowed on one site.
Hiking in Kananaskis is free. A provincial park pass is not required.
Plus car travel costs.

More info

Some trip participants are planning to stop at other places during the week before and/or after this trip.

Kevin & Anita Miller


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