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2018-Sep-18 to Sep-20 – Tulabi Falls Camp/Paddle/Hike (yurts)
We've reserved 4 yurts in the Tulabi Falls campground for the nights of Tuesday September 18 and Wednesday September 20, so this is a 3-day 2-night activity.
Tulabi Falls is located 175 km (2 hours driving) from the north Perimeter Highway & Hwy 59.   

Each yurt sleeps a maximum of 4 people: a double bed on the bottom of a bunk, a twin bed on the top of the bunk, and a futon, so each yurt can be occupied by a couple + two individuals. The cost of a yurt for two nights is $123. Each person staying at the yurt will pay their share of the $123.

Why only 4 yurts?
We tried to reserve all 6 of the new-for-2018 yurts in the Tulabi Falls campground. W
e began reserving on March 19 at 7:00 AM when yurt reservations for 2018 opened, but 1 yurt was already taken, and yurt #4 & yurt #6 were not yet available for any reservations. On April 24 we noticed that yurt #6 was now reservable and was available for Tue Sep 18 & Wed Sep 19, so we reserved it. We'll check the campground reservation system periodically and reserve yurt #4 if it is available. 
So there are a maximum number of trip participants?
As of May 3, 15 Grey Hares have already registered for this trip. 13 of these people helped quickly put the trip together on March 18 when we learned that the Tulabi Falls campground had 6 new yurts for 2018 and that reservations opened on March 19.
Manitoba Park's rules for yurts allow for one tent to also be on the yurt's site, as long as the total number of people on the site is 5 or less. One site will have the Grey Hares' Eureka! Northern Breeze dining tent, so we could potentially have one person in a tent on each of the 3 other sites, and that person could potentially use the yurt for changing clothing and short term access to heat.
Two registrants have already reserved a regular campsite, and one person has offered to stay in a tent on one of the yurt sites, so there is currently space in yurts for 4 more people. And we are very sure there will be many campsites available on September 18 & 19, without having to reserve in advance. The average overnight low temperature for September 18 & 19 is 6°, which is well within the range of many people's gear, and the average high temperature is 18°.
Trip participants will cooperatively determine who is sleeping in which yurt, etc.

The more the merrier.
Trip highlights:

Suppers will be cooperative. This is the same arrangement as the Nutimik Lake yurt camping trip in late September 2017 and other Grey Hares camping trips.

Commitment (payment) won't be required until Thursday September 6 when cooperative detailed planning begins. We'll be contacting everyone then.
With 4 people sharing a yurt, each person would pay $31 for the trip. 
With 3 people sharing a yurt, each person would pay $41 for the trip.
If another person is in a tent on the yurt's site, the cost per person will be even lower. 
We will facilitate carpooling to/from Tulabi Falls / Winnipeg.

Check-in & Check-out times
Check-in is on Tuesday at 4:00 PM and check-out is on Thursday at 11:00 AM. We'll be arriving/departing earlier/later than those times so we will have at least half a day of activity on both Tuesday and Thursday.
Can I come only on Wednesday September 19 for a day-trip paddle and supper?
Trip rating
Trip cancellation
If we cancel the yurt reservations before Friday September 14 at 4:00 PM, our $452 fee for the 4 yurts will be refunded. (The $10 x 4 = $40 reservation fee is non-refundable.) So, on Friday Sep 14 we will carefully review at least three 5-day weather forecasts. If the forecasts are unanimously forecasting poor weather, we'll cooperatively discuss cancelling. We'll also review the weather forecast on Monday September 17 and/or early on Tuesday September 18. If we cancel then, we'll lose 50% of our
$452 fee for the 6 yurts.
Contact Kevin & Anita Miller at to register or if you have questions or comments. A confirmation email message will be sent as registrations are received. Registrations received after Wednesday September 5 might not be accepted unless a previous registrant has cancelled.

2018-Oct 17 – Fort Gibraltar Tour, Walk Whittier Park and/or Lagimodière-Gaboury Park
Fort Gibraltar, located in Whittier Park, is probably best known as headquarters of Festival du Voyageur, but many people visit it during the summer (May 14 to August 26) when it offers 2-hour guided tours. It also offers on-demand private group tours all year long, which is what we have arranged.
Our tour guide will be Colin Mackie, Heritage and Education Programs Manager for Festival du Voyageur. During our two phone conversations with Colin, we found him to be outgoing, enthusiastic, and informative.
After our tour, we'll have lunch (bring a bagged lunch), and then we'll go for a 1+ hour walk through Whittier Park and/or Lagimodière-Gaboury Park. Kevin & Anita attended a very good Jane’s Walk of Lagimodiere Gaboury Park & Sentier Gabrielle Roy in 2015. It was led by JP Brunet of Save Our Seine. We have contacted JP. He will be joining us for the Fort Gibraltar Tour, eating lunch with us, and leading our walk of Whittier Park and/or Lagimodière-Gaboury Park.
We'll need a minimum of 15 registrations so that the cost per person is similar to the summer guided tours.  The registration deadline is Wednesday October 10, but we'd appreciate receiving "expression of interest" ASAP, so we can be fairly confident that we'll receive at least 15 registrations in October.
Contact Kevin & Anita Miller at to register or if you have questions or comments. A confirmation email message will be sent as registrations are received.
2018-Oct 31 – Scavenger Hunt at The Forks
In mid-April 2016, Kevin & Anita participated in a Scavenger Hunt at The Forks that was organized by a group. Kevin & Anita will use their instructions and notes from that activity as a starting point to create a Scavenger Hunt for Grey Hares.
This activity combines equal parts of thinking and walking.
We'll meet in The Forks Market at the Food Hall at 10:00 AM. 
At The Forks, Kevin & Anita will explain most of what is written here, along with any last-minute thoughts or changes, and answer any questions. They will then create teams of 2 or 3 people, ensuring that less-mobile participants are teamed with more-mobile participants. You will not be on a team with your spouse/partner or best friend. :-)
Each team will be given the same sheet of 20 questions/instructions. Some questions may tell you to walk somewhere to obtain the answer. Other questions might be answered from team members' knowledge, or you may have to think about where to walk to learn the answer. Some instructions may tell you to walk somewhere to get or do something. Other instructions may require you to think about where to walk to obtain the required item. The boundaries of this activity is The Forks' boundaries. You can attempt the questions in any order (to minimize walking to the same general location multiple times).
We'll won't set a time limit, but we will set a time for all of us to meet in The Forks Market at the Food Hall for lunch ... and discussing the questions / your answers, and sharing stories about your adventures.
Contact Kevin & Anita Miller at to register or if you have questions or comments. A confirmation email message will be sent as registrations are received.

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